A concerned parent regarding masks in school

Concerned Parent showing disappointment with masks mandates in schools


Earlier today Mr. Daniele Baraggioli went in front of the Ministry of Health to protest regarding the masks mandates in schools since this restriction was not lifted like the others and it is still in place till today.

Mr. Baraggioli said that while people are enjoying themselves in Paceville drinking, hugging and going out in groups without any masks, the children are still to wear a mask in the classroom for long hours.

He also said that as per Covid-19 Info. guidelines from the Superintendency of Health it is also written clear that ” Non-medical face masks prevent viral particles from potentially being spread by mask wearer. They do not protect the mask wearer from being infected if someone who is positive for Covid-19transmits respiratory droplets onto the person wearing the mask”

By time Mr.Braggioli went to the Ministry of health the doors where closed and although he rang for assistance no one opened.


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